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Alternator Components

Components of an Alternator

Here are some of the mentioned components of alternator which are found to be important for every human being to know about. There are also some of their additional functions to this which will make your clear about its need:

1. Rectifier

The rectifier is referred to as mechanical instrument which is mostly used in order to convert the alternating current (DC) which is produced to direct current (DC) during the process of charging.

2. Regulator

The voltage regulator is referred to as a part which is found controlling the amount of power supply which is found along with the alternator to the battery. The charging process is also controlled as it is specifically designed with numerous functions which depends on the type of work, depending on their applications too.

3. Stator

A stator is referred to as an iron ring which is found consisting of several coils of wire that are wound around it. The part of the stator is responsible for serving as the body of the alternator, which creates an electrical current when a magnetic field is made.

4. Rotor

The rotor is referred to as a part which is found spinning inside the alternator and is also responsible for rotating the pulley which drives the belt system along. It helps in acting as a spinning electromagnet.

5. Slip Rings

The slip rings are referred to as a means of obtaining direct current which are found offering power to the rotor.

6. Pulley

The pulley is referred to as a part which is found being connected to the rotor shaft and the drive belt system. Although the rotation which is obtained from the engine gets transferred by the drive belt to the pulley. The rotation thus causes the charging process.

Alternators are the ones which are found containing some functional tiny components in them. Inside any electrical device, you will simply be able to find a diode rectifier or a rectifier bridge, voltage regulator, slip rings and brushes. One can also find the rotor field winding, finger poles, field winding, stator etc.

7. Drive End Bearing

The drive end bearings is referred to as a mechanical device which helps in order to support the rotation of the rotor shaft.


Alternator components & their functions:

1. Rectifier ·

2. Regulator ·

3. Stator ·

4. Rotor ·

5. Slip Rings ·

6. Pulley ·

7. Drive End Bearing.




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